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Brief info

Our founder CEO, Bhupinder Kumar Sharma is a energetic and dynamic person whose great thinking, passion and knowledge about Indian politics has led our company to the create a political consultation company. He firmly believes in revolutionizing election campaigning and political strategizing in India and wants I-PMS to be the best political management company of Indian.

Bhupinder K Sharma brings a deep understanding of the various issues faced by his clients. He is an ardent follower of Indian politics and has great passion towards election management campaigning and political strategies. He firmly believes that political management is a great platform for the youth and it creates career opportunities for them as well. He is having more then 20yrs experience deep roots,understanding and experiences in electioneering and political strategies. Mr. Bhupinder Kumar Sharma has worked with famous politicians and lawmakers through out India. His journey in politics began during his collage days when he went on to become the most famous student leader of a reputed educational institution in Chandigarh India. His political thinking and strategies are unique and result oriented. He deeply believes that both the rural society and the urban society should have utmost equality and respect in India.

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