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Short Story About I-PMS

Indian Political Management Services (I-PMS) is the platform of choice for students and young professionals to participate in and make a meaningful contribution to political affairs and governance of the country, without necessarily being part of a political party.

I-PMS is working in the election management process from 2002 and have worked hard our teams is well equipped with the election process and is keen to work with latest technology and tools.

Indian Political Management Services (I-PMS) has brought some of the best minds from diverse academic and professional backgrounds together and provided them with a unique opportunity to become a part of the election process and influence policymaking at all levels in India.

Indian Political Management Services (I-PMS) works with visionary leaders with a proven track record. In the process, the group helps them set a citizen-centric agenda and partners with them to conceptualize & implement the most effective methods of taking it to the public and gathering mass support.

Meet Our Team

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About I-PMS

Insight Political Strategists and Workforce is a dynamic political consulting and political marketing agency. I-PMS is a strategy oriented and tech-savvy political agency with all the required tools needed to plan and execute political campaigns at scale across the nation for political leaders & parties. A clear-eyed, smart and finely targeted strategy is needed to build the momentum and march towards victory. I-PMS specializes in creating and executing constituency-centric and assembly-centric political strategies by using its tools for clients ranging from individual candidates, political parties candidates from a political party or an independent Candidates. It works with anybody and everybody who has a clear political vision.

I-PMS ensures that our team has mental, creative and on-field effort yields fruitful results for our clients. Our services are un-matched and we’ve got the know-how, both technical and traditional campaigns works to help our clients in every capacity and under every circumstance.

Some of Visionary Candidates with whom we had worked across India especially northern part of India. We are working since 2002.

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Social Advice
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Our Mission

Indian-Political Management Service’s mission is to increase integrity in the democratic process. We increase citizen engagement and trust, enabling better societies for better governance.

Our Vision

We’re driven by a strong vision and mission that help guide our company and the way our people behave.

We are a leader in establishing and refining best practice in election management.

Elections I-PMS vision supports our desire to ensure that the people of India trust the electoral process. We have earned the respect of our provincial stakeholders, including the voting public, political parties, candidates, the media and others. We are highly regarded by our institutional partners and election management bodies in jurisdictions within and outside the boundaries of India. We now leverage our learning, strengths and capacity toward leadership in election management, enhanced public trust and a push towards electoral excellence.

We know the future of democracy is digital and every one in future has to adopt digital election management process our vision is become one of the best election management company in India.

“ Our Initiatives are not hastily put together, but well-researched and well-planned to cover all your election requirements. ,,